Serph「Singing Fruits Project」始動!

2020.04.22 ARTWORK


− Serph「Singing Fruits」プロジェクト概要 −



【ボーカル録音用インストトラックのDL方法】こちらのURLにアクセスし、「more」ボタンをクリック後、「Download  file」をクリックして、ボーカル録音用インストトラックをダウンロードしてください。


【応募ルール】「Citurs」ボーカル録音用インストトラックに歌詞とボーカルを加えた音源は、必ずハッシュタグ#SingingFruitsを付けて、ご自身のSoundcloudで公開してください。アップする際のアーティスト名と曲名は次のように入力してください。Serph – Citrus (feat. 貴方のアーティスト名)







Serph “Singing Fruits Project”

Serph has launched a project to produce a vocal version of “Citrus,” which was released as a single last October, with a call for vocals. Feel free to put your lyrics and vocals on the instrumental track that has been rearranged for this project. The best work will be officially released as a collaboration song with Serph at a later date. We’re looking forward to your participation.

Why don’t you put your vocals on “Citrus” and elevate it cute and cool? You can follow the original melody or feel free to do it. Let your passion and imagination run wild. I’m looking forward to meeting your wonderful talent! (Serph)


[Submission Period] April 22, 2020 to June 7, 2020

[How to download the instrumental track] Go to this URL, click the “more” button, and then click the “Download file” to download the instrumental track for recording vocals.

[Regarding lyrics and vocals] Any language of the lyrics is acceptable. Please feel free to use Japanese, English, Spanish, etc. Vocal style is also free. Rap and poetry readings are OK too!

[Submission Rule] Please post your Citrus vocal version on your Soundcloud with the hashtag #SingingFruits . The titles should be set as follows: Serph – Citrus (feat. your artist’s name)

Serph will be checking out all the songs submitted. There is a possibility that the best work will be officially released as a collaboration song with Serph. If Serph wishes to make adjustments to the mix for the official release, we may ask you to arrange for audio files of your vocals. Serph and the collaborators will each share 50% of the proceeds from the official release of the collaboration tracks.


If you want to check the original version of “Citrus”, Here is the official MV.

And The link to the streaming platforms is here.